The BII’s new insurance broker has saved members more than

The BII’s new insurance broker has saved members more than

£65,000 already!


Published 27th September 2015 in BII Newsletter



PxL Insurance, based in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, is the recommended insurance broker for BII and is helping members across the country get better and cheaper insurance deals.


And in the last three months it has been securing dozens of insurance deals for BII members with a total saving of just over £65,000.


The firm is run by Jamie Jenkinson who has 15 years’ experience in insurance.


Jamie said: “We have been working with more and more BII members over the last few months and have been happy to secure some good insurance deals for them.


“It is not just about savings – it is also about getting polices that are right and accurate for your business; policies that cover the areas most relevant for your business’s needs.”


BII member Richard Sykes, who runs West Park Inns based in Yorkshire, has used the firm to secure insurance for his portfolio of eight pubs.


PxL helped him save £6,000 on his pub premiums.


He said: “It was all very straightforward, I contacted PxL, they took some details and came back to me with some competitive quotes.


“I was really pleased with the cover that was put in place – it’s saved me money and hassle and I’m delighted to work with Jamie and his team.”


Richard has also recently acquired a stately home, which was owned by North Yorkshire County Council and is now being converted to a 70 bedroomed hotel and spa. Richard said: “The saving on this insurance policy alone was in excess of £16,000. Pxl really do have their clients best interest at heart.”


Although the firm specialises in pubs and licensed premises it also deals with other fields including liability, home, fleet, tradesman, manufacturing and life insurance.


And the broker can offer a comprehensive Group Personal Accident Insurance at discounted rates for members of the BII.


It has been specifically designed to reduce financial losses and minimise business disruption, should a director or employee suffer accidental bodily injury resulting in absence from work.


You can contact PxL by calling 01845 525747 or emailing  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We also have a Facebook page: Pxl Insurance and you can follow us on Twitter at @PXL_Insurance



Pxl Insurance now offer Group Personal Accident Insurance

Group Personal Accident Insurance from Pxl Insurance

How would your business function if one of your employees sustained an injury and was unable to work for months-if ever again?

Such a situation could result in expensive compensation payments and should the employee be in a key position of your business, you might even experience loss of business if customers choose to go elsewhere because of business interruption.

Pxl Insurance has arranged a comprehensive Group Personal Accident insurance at some of the most competitive rates in the market. The product has been specifically designed to reduce your financial losses and minimise business disruption, should a Director or employee suffer accidental bodily injury resulting in absence from work.

Claim Case Study

The Head chef of a pub in the South West, sustained a broken leg whilst playing amateur football at the weekend. He was unable to work for 13 weeks. Our policy paid his employer 100% of his gross weekly wage during his absence. This allowed the hotel to employ a temporary replacement, minimising disruption to the business.

Total Claim Payment £7,800



Save £1,000s with our new BII insurance deal!

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The new BII insurance package through PxL Insurance saved one member £8,000 on their insurance renewal premium with just one phone call – why not get in touch today to see if we can do the same for you?


PRESS Release in the FLVA Spring News Letter

PRESS Release in the FLVA Spring News Letter

A YORKSHIRE insurance broker is helping more and more FLVA members save money and get the best deals on their insurance.
The FLVA has drawn up a special affiliation with insurance broker PxL Insurance.
PxL Insurance, run by Jamie Jenkinson, is a broker based in the market town of Thirsk, in North Yorkshire.
The firm has joined up with the FLVA to help pubs and licensed premises across the country get the best and most competitive deals on their insurance.
Jamie, from Thirsk, said: "We were delighted to draw up this affiliation with the FLVA saving pubs and licensed premises money on their insurance and giving them better coverage.
"We also pick out aspects of their previous insurance that was not working for them, so it is not just about financial savings."