Motor Fleet Insurance


Motor fleet insurance is designed to cover multiple vehicles under a single policy. These can comprise of cars, goods carrying vehicles, motorcycles, agricultural vehicles, and special types vehicles. For each vehicle you can opt for third party, fire and theft or comprehensive cover depending on your needs and the vehicle itself. The policies we arrange are designed to provide essential cover as standard but give you the flexibility to add additional covers to suit your needs including breakdown assistance.

You can add and delete vehicles from your fleet throughout the year with a simple phone call to us and you will only ever be charged for the vehicles on the fleet at that moment. Most fleets offer far more flexible driving options than individual insurances. We will explain the exact terms before the insurance begins and you can then be secure that you have real flexibility in who drives your vehicles, without the time, hassle and administration involved in naming drivers individually.

Most insurers offer 24hr claims notification services and we can liaise with insurers and make notifications on your behalf should you require us to.

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